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A Warm Welcome to WIRkarte.de!

We're happy you're interested in wirkarte.de .

WE from WIRkarte.de offer you a different kind of community. It is an international networking website, which provides the possibility of cross-linking with people of your surrounding to create a healthy, loving and free world together.

If you used this networking possibility as WE all do, it is something that has NEVER been there.

Visit our world map where you can check who is around. Offers, requests and interests of the members can be found with special search functions after signing in.

We direct towards mavericks, pioneers and open-minded thinkers who are willing to try shaping our environment new and benificial.

We offer an exciting mix of esoteric and exoteric, science and fringe science, visions and real convertible projects, to help everyone developping a new holistic worldview.

Join in, register for free and use our site - at no charge !

Ensuing, you can find detailed information about the usage of WIRkarte.de

Hints Part 1

We want to take responsibility for our world. If we combine all our knowledge, then we can easily do that! This website was developed to help all of us. We want to use the Internet constructively.

Step 1: The look behind the curtain

For this, we have created for you the topic Challenges. Here you'll find short and compactly, a lot of uncomfortable information about current world events. This information is possibly hard to digest and perhaps shake your old worldview.Therefore, one thing is important: Do not believe anything and check everything.

Step 2: Expand your horizons

For this is the topic Solutions. Here you can get information about alternatives and solutions to the problems described in Challenges. Even if you maybe think some solutions are pretty fantastic, consider: Our imaginations limitates our possibilities.

Step 3: You're not alone

Using the Wirkarte you can immediately see how many people think similarly and where they are. Maybe they are right in your town or village. Alone we can move a little and that is why we have developed this tool. It shows us how many we are, and helps us to come together. What can I do alone? Many people ask, but do not consider that there are many people.

Step 4: Developing new things together

In our huge forum you can present your ideas and projects and share them with other people. We have many different topics, so there is something for everyone. The ones, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do it.

Step 5: Present the results:

We can have a lot of great visions, but with out any results, we remain dreamers. If you achieved, experienced or developed something, then write to let us know your results in the forum in the topic "Results and experiences". Or make a video so that we can present it here. All said this is impossible, then one appeared and just did it.

Conclusion: Everything is here to start immediately, so let us start!

Remember: Everything what we offer is a tool. You are the architect.


We combine maximum networking with minimal personal data

Registration by nick name, email, zip code and city name

All other details are optional

Mask is running exclusively by multiple-choice

Safety on the map: your marker is not quite accurate, so no one can see exactly where you live, unless you want it, so you can at any time decide with whom you really want to connect you

All passwords are encrypted before transmission